These are notes I took about tough conversations with the team working on the site. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time…….Continuing the theme of marketing and traffic to my website, I took these notes on mid-February…

Traffic to my Website Isn’t Building, Yet

(February 11, 2019)

So far, I have not really driven traffic my website successfully. Now, that’s largely on my marketing, but there is something else not working too….

I posted a two paragraph post on LinkedIn that has nearly 1500 views, and less than 10 or 20 people followed the link to the site. Now, I only have 590 some connections on LinkedIn, so it isn’t that just my connections are bored with the site posts…..something else isn’t working yet.


It’s why I’m spending this time at my mom’s house reading up on marketing, and reaching out to influencers…..

I won’t say I am worried, but I won’t say I’m thrilled either. I admit it, I’m thinking about launching the copywriting/website consulting company. Or maybe trying to get a friend to sub out some work to me in product management. Or, who knows, going back to an office.

Stupid healthcare system does NOT like solo businesses at all.

Looking back, I’d add this on reflection on that day:

Well, it’s clear I have a theme going, and when I get to the present day, it will be continuing. Traffic to my website is not building, and it doesn’t matter if I change the articles to score better on SEO, or comment on LinkedIn posts or what.

Yesterday I wrote 2-3 LinkedIn posts, and posted links to the site in the comments on two other people’s posts. Fifteen peen visited the site yesterday. It took me less than an hour of work to do that stuff…..but fifteen people isn’t going to cut it.

I’m also considering going back to work, at least part time. We could use the cash flow, and with traffic to my site not building, I need to find other ways to make money. That said, I’m not giving up on the site. I’ve read it takes 2-3 years to build a site following…….but maybe I need to do some other things also to generate cash.

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