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financial health

Financial Health

Being out of work can be a big blow to your financial health.

So, this section has information about finances, and things you can do to reduce the impact on your lifestyle. We are not a financial services company, and don’t offer financial advice. But, we do have articles about ways to use your various financial accounts to manage liquidity. Or how you can save money. And maybe some articles on healthcare and other essential financial obligations.

We are pleased to partner with Mitch Griep, a financial adviser who will blog for us. Mitch has many clients that have been through job loss, and will be sharing his knowledge and their stories.

Mike’s story:

I was the main breadwinner for nearly all of our marriage. When I got laid off, my wife was in year 2 of owning a small business, in a town where we knew almost no one when we moved here less than 2 years ago. While we had money saved up (we did not buy a new home when we moved, and I got a severance), it wasn’t enough that I could never work again. Fortunately, my wife has done an amazing job building her business this year, but still…..there was (and is) plenty of stress about money and lifestyle. We did cut back on some spending, but not totally. It’s important to still be happy, and to get out and do things with people. We just found ways to do it for less money, or less often.

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