These are notes I took the day after I was laid off. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time.

Mike’s Day 2 Notes:

I am having trouble being “present”. I can’t stop thinking about money, work, but mostly the great people I will miss. One of my sons is a bit nervous about money. I reassured him, as I had been doing myself, that we had many years of money saved up, but it was clear I was trying to convince myself, as well as him, not to worry. I went to a coffee shop that was having a sale, but was unable to enjoy the coffee or the moment. This is why they call mindfulness a practice, obviously. Later, I walked to the wine tasting room 1 block from our place. I was more able to relax and be in the moment there. I had not golfed that day, because I didn’t think I could be present. Maybe I could have been? Julianne and I are planning to hike tomorrow, I wonder what my mind will be like tomorrow?

Things I’d add on looking back on day 2

I was still in shock, frankly. My comments on mindfulness continue to remind me that the practice is helpful, and yet even today I struggle to consistently practice meditation. Just as I struggle to consistently (ever?) work out. Little got done that day, and as you can see by reading our advice section on the layoff timeline….I did not file for unemployment, or even consider it. Sigh.

I also wish I had thought more about how I’d handle money in this situation, before the situation arrived. Sure, we were (are) good at saving money, and lucky at investing it. But, we didn’t really have any kind of idea of what we would actually DO if I lost my income. Saving is a good idea, having some kind of plan might be a good one too. If you are reading this months after it is first posted, maybe we have a blog post by now on that topic……

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