Part 3 of an Interview With Ted Meissner

In part 3 of our interview with Ted Meissner, we transition to talk about Ted’s job search. In part 2, as you may recall, Ted talked about his continued efforts to help others, even after getting laid off.

Resume Advice, Self Examination as Part of the Job Search Process and Pursuing Your Passion at work:

Ted Meissner talks about his resume, and how different it is now than when he first looked for work a few years ago. He even uses the word “oogie” to describe how he feels about self promotion, even though he knows it’s important in the job search. His resume now focuses on that self promotion, of his skills and his job experience. There is a brief discussion about things that maybe shouldn’t be emphasized on your resume, even if they are part of your story. We transition to talking about self examination as part of the job search, and we finish with a discussion about separating your passion and work, rather than pursuing your passion as part of your job.

In part 4, we talk about what it’s like to interview and job search when you are 55 or older. We talk about networking, and Ted offers advice to introverts. We really emphasize the importance of knowing yourself during the job search process, which is the main theme running throughout all four interviews.