Part 1 of an Interview With Ted Meissner

In this episode, we begin our interview with Ted Meissner. After introducing himself and his situation, Ted talks a bit about his daily routine. We then discuss how mindfulness has helped him recognize and deal with his anger over being laid off.

It’s a very emotional, raw discussion, from someone recently laid off, who is still looking for work. He acknowledges his continuing anger at his loss, which is something most of us try to hide.

Advice for People Who Have Been Laid Off:

Not surprisingly, given his twenty some years as a practicing mediator, Ted talks some about meditation mindfulness. He talks about the paradox of how mindfulness can  make you realize you are stressed out which might make it seem like you are more stressed out. What’s really happening, according to Ted, is that you are more aware, more mindful, that you are angry over being laid off. This is normal, and being aware of it is one of the first steps in dealing with it.

Part two deals with how he continues to be involved with various communities that were part of his old identity, how we all need to learn to accept help, and he even offers some advice (without thinking about it) to companies that lay off IT workers (or others with access to information).