Part 2 of an Interview With Ted Meissner

In part 2 of our interview with Ted Meissner, we talk about how easy it is to give help, compared to what it’s like to take help. In part 1, as you may recall, Ted talked about what it’s like to be mindful and laid off.

Staying Connected to Your Network, Giving Help is Easier than Receiving It:

Ted Meissner talks about staying connected to your old network once you are laid off. For Ted, he had most of those connections before he took his last job, so it’s been relatively easy for him, not so much for his former employer! He also talks about his commitment to helping his former clients, but how hard it is for him to take help from others. There is a brief conversation about researching possible employers, which seems out of place in this part somehow, but it’s a good point. Lastly, Ted offers some advice, without realizing it, to companies about how they set up their online presence, and what employee access really means. We hope you enjoy part two of our four part conversation with mindfulness coach and IT program manager, Ted Meissner.

In part 3, I try to ask about his resume and self examination (and how that influences what he’s looking for in a job). Turns out, I wasn’t clear, and Ted talks first about self examination in general……We end part three with a discussion about whether or not you should pursue your passion in your work, or in other ways.