Part 4 of an Interview With Ted Meissner

In part 4 of our interview with Ted Meissner, we transition to talk about Ted’s job search. He talks about job hunting over 55.  In part 3, as you may recall, Ted talked about separating your job and your passion.

Job hunting over 55, Interviews, rare and easier, Networking for introverts, and closing statements:

Ted Meissner talks about job hunting over 55. We joke a bit about how he’s 30 days older than me. While interviews have been rare so far, they are somewhat easier. At this age, you kind of know your story and how to tell it. I ask again about networking to find a job, and we transition into advice for introverts. Lastly, Ted talks about how important to know yourself when looking for work. We close with a nice plug for Laid Off Better Off, and Ted talking about his own non-profit work.

In closing, this is being posted about 2-3 weeks after we recorded the long interview. Good news! Ted accepted a position about 10 days after we recorded. Congratulations!