Interview With Jamison Liewergen – On Switching Careers

My neighbor and I discuss how intimidating it is to switch careers, and why he’s doing it at 33 years old. Among other things.

Switching careers is tough, at any age. Oh, and we both talk about doing more of the work around the house, among other things:

My neighbor Jamison and I discuss his layoff. He knew it was coming, but that didn’t mean it was easy. We talk about his emotions, both at the layoff time, and now that he’s looking for work. Jamison is focused on keeping a balance between looking for work, and keeping himself energized.

The big thing in his transition is that he wants to switch careers, moving from insurance to GIS. It’s a bit intimidating to switch careers, and he talks about why he’s doing it. Spoiler, he is really interested in this new field, it isn’t about running away from the insurance industry. In addition to talking about switching, we talk about how important enthusiasm is, and how he is maintaining it. He talks honestly about how unhappy some of his friends are, and how he doesn’t want to wake up one day and realize he worked a job he didn’t really want.

We also talk about how we’ve both picked up more work around the house, and I probably exaggerate how much more work I really do……Jamison also thanks his fiance for her understanding and support while he is in this transition, as well as his parents. Seems like a lucky guy to me!

I hope you enjoy this  candid discussion about switching careers.