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Stories & Podcasts

Podcasts and Stories…that’s one of the main ways we communicate here.

My stories are under Timelines.

Mike’s Story:

I decided to make this part of the site one of the most important sections because of what I remember from when our first child was born. So stressful. So many nights of not sleeping, just staring at him to make sure he was alive! Then we went to Early Childhood Family Education classes in St. Louis Park, MN. We participated in a community of parents going through the same things as us. There, we just talked to other parents and an expert in early childhood development. I realized my fears and emotions and stress were normal for new parents.

I want to bring that same sense of community and helpfulness to the job search, and to people going through the emotions and stress of being laid off. So, we’ll do podcasts with people that have been laid off. And with experts that can help us. Maybe we’ll talk to a hiring manager, who knows where this will go?

In addition, we’ll do Five on Friday. Every Friday we’ll post five (or more) answers to a question….like “How did you handle the emotions that first day?” Or, “What is the one best thing someone can do in an interview?” Every Friday, that’s our goal. If you’d like to help with this part of the community, check out the contributors page, where there is information on the three advisory councils we have here at Laid Off Better Off.

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