Part 2 of an Interview With Stacey McCormack and David Wallace

In this episode, I continue my interview Stacey and David, the owners of Musimack Marketing. They talk about running a business with your partner, among other things.

Advice for Business Owners:

Stacey and David discuss what its like to be running a business and to own one with your partner. Stacey starts the interview discussing how she was hesitant to even start a business. They talk about the long hours that they work as newer business owners. David relates how he first got excited about owning a business with his wife. Stacey also talks about the leap of faith they took to start, but adds how they have talked to SCORE and others to improve things. Plus, a whole lot more……

editor’s note: Ha, we’ve already renamed part of the site that we discuss right at the beginning of the podcast!