Our First Podcast!

Welcome to our very first podcast about getting laid off, and all the implications on life. In this episode, I interview Pete O’Grady. He had just been laid off from the State of Minnesota, but it wasn’t his first time getting laid off. He’s been laid off five times. Pete and I talk mostly about his job search process, but also about some of the emotional and financial implications of his time out of work.

Remember, it’s our first podcast. In the future, I’ll know a lot more about recording and editing. And, we’ll be adding intro and outro music. But please, leave comments, not just about this episode, but what you would like to hear in the future……

Speaking of the future, our next two podcasts will feature a married couple. In episode two, we’ll talk about their layoffs, and in episode three, we’ll discuss what it is like to own a small business with your spouse.