These are notes I took. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time.

Characters Must Come Out, Sometimes:

On Monday, a new character popped into my head. I tried to ignore him. I worried that letting him get out would mean that I had somehow given up on the first book, and would not finish it. Sometimes I start things, and don’t finish them….

But Monday night, I dreamed about Talon. On Tuesday, I was literally compelled to get the beginning of his story written. I think part of Talon came from feedback I received from Tom and Matthew. That feedback was similar to what I got from Julianne (my wife) and Ben (my oldest son). The characters in my first book were weak, and there were a lot of assumptions about the world that maybe I was forcing the reader to know. I didn’t agree with all of their thoughts, but clearly Talon was born of that feedback.

He has a backstory, as does his sister and parents. Even his younger brother. His existence and predicament allow me to introduce some of the concepts behind the magic system, without doing it all through boring exposition.

The Series Gets a Likely Name:

So, ya, now I have three totally new chapters, two focusing on Talon and his family, and one on those that are pursuing him. Or something like pursuit anyway. I don’t now if this means he’s part of the first book along with what I wrote before, or if his story is the first book. I actually think I have a concept around the series now, thanks to Talon being UnNamed.

The most likely thing is that Talon and Cinar’s stories are interwoven with parts of the first book, to create a new whole, a new book. The first book has a lot of issues, and I think basically using it as an outline and re-writing much of it would make it much better. I think we’ll know a lot more in a week or so, both about Talon, and about the first book as a whole.

Looking back, I’d add this on reflection on that day:

I like these chapters, and I have added a bit to them since that first day. I really think this is book two, in a series, not part of book one. We’ll see, when I get back to writing fiction next month or next year. I like Talon, but I think Cinar will be an interesting character to write. She’s going to really miss the abundance of magical energy of her home island…..

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