These are notes I took. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time.

Notes from my meeting with Musimack

Today I met with a company that can help with web design, marketing, and content. It is someone from my wife’s networking group. I think it is a really good fit. He had given it thought last night, and was ready to discuss how the build of the website is not the hard part, it’s the marketing and business strategy. He and his partner both have experience in that area. I should have a quote this weekend.

I feel I have a good idea, but it isn’t really a plan right now. This company can help with that. I told him I was most interested in:

  • Help with the business plan
  • Help with the marketing
  • Minor help with the tools I need
  • Logo and colors and that kind of thing, as I stink at that.

Really, I combined items 1 and 2 into one item, but we definitely broke them into two things. I get the feeling they can help me with home page content, and other things to make the site drive people into staying. Looking forward to their quote.

My Monthly Networking Meeting

Before that, I went to the monthly (it’s more often in non-summer months) networking meeting I attend. As people introduced themselves, I took notes on what part of their story might be most interesting for others to hear. Of course, they all have stories about how they are getting through this time emotionally and monetarily….so I think there is a set of questions everyone would get asked, these notes were more to help me think about what those questions might be. I really hope some (or all) of these people want to tell their stories. There are a lot of interesting insights available.

I am currently sitting at in an outdoor area at a brewery, working on this (and eating). It’s a very nice office, and one of the perks of working remotely like this

Looking back, I’d add this on reflection on that day:

That last note exists so I can brag on Facebook about how I’m not sitting at a desk, but am working. Really, I’ve done a lot of work at coffee shops, bars, and just going for walks or sitting outside. It’s a nice change from an office. Also, I probably should have at least talked to one other company, even though I’m thrilled with the outcome of the design and build. I think you should always have something to compare to.

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