These are notes I took a few days after I was laid off. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time.

Mike’s Day 6 Notes:

I have more notes about the wine bar last night….I listened to six women talk about dating and how women are the gatekeepers, as it were. Very entertaining. Later, Julianne joined me for dinner there. I did talk to one of the women about her job, she works for the Red Cross. She has done relief work, says it is exhausting but worth it.

Will called from way overseas to offer support. Good guy, you should eat at his taco places, or hire his IT contractors, or support him whatever he’s doing these days (those are my notes….). Another friend called offering names/contacts in Portland for Robert Half. She repeated Will’s main advice, follow your heart. Started seriously noodling the idea of writing a novel, either fantasy or about a guy trying to write a novel. Yummy, I ate frozen pizza, but I did make a long shopping list for better food.

Looking back nearly a year later, I’d add these thoughts:

Another day of notes, another day without any real discussion of my feelings……

A few other friends (and family), in addition to Will and Lynne, also started calling and emailing with advice. It’s unavoidable that people want to help, but at times it can be overwhelming, and the advice can be contradictory. But you know what? These out reaches were the best parts of the emotional ride. People just want to help other people, and there are nuggets in every piece of advice.

I’m not sure why, but despite my intentions, I didn’t do much volunteer work in the months following my lay off. That’s something that I will be changing in year two….The one thing we did do together was pick up trash in our neighborhood. It’s something I’ve always thought about just doing on my walks, but this was an organized event. We worked with a few other people, and it really made a difference.

I did end up writing a fantasy novel. I think the first draft was done in January of 2018 some time. As of October, 2018, I had not finished editing/updating/fixing it. But, I am hoping to do so, and will publish it in 2019. Hopefully, if you are reading this then, you can read it and enjoy it!

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