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Advice Timeline

We have two types of timelines, advice and stories. Both contain information you can learn from, but we know some of you prefer one type over the other….This is the advice version. In addition, we have two checklists you should read:

42 Things to do The Week You Get Laid Off

You’ve Been Laid Off, Now What?

Our Advice Timeline
  • Day 1
  • 2018
  • Day 1 The Night of Your Layoff

    The night you get laid off is all about setting a good emotional stage to move on, eventually.

  • Day 2 The Day After Your Layoff

    The day after you got laid off is the day to start getting organized.

    Day 2
  • Week 1 42 Things to do The Week You Get Laid Off

    I doubt this is the question contemplated in hitchhikers.....but here are 42 things to do the week you get laid off.

    Week 1
  • Week 1 The First Week of Being Laid off – The Longer Read

    There is a lot to do that week you get laid off, but these four things need to be started.