These are notes I took. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time. To do lists and tasks and project plans…..that’s kind of the point of this I think.

How I Organize My Work:

I never really used to-do lists at any of my “real” jobs….but I like them now that I’m self employed. It’s easy to know what to do every day, when a lot of your day is attending meetings and sending and answering emails. It’s a lot harder to know what to do when you are starting a business for the first time….

So, I have two methods for tracking what I need to do:

I use Trello for processes and major things:

Trello is light weight project management software, that is mostly free to use. I keep track of major decisions there, like “pick email software” “here are all the legal documents I need to have”….stuff like that. I have scoured the internet for lists of things to worry about when starting out, and I have many of them there.

I also am setting up Trello boards (that’s what the grouping of activity is called there) for process management. As gets more and more contributors, I want the blog creation, editing, and posting process to be consistent. I want us to move documents from step to step, and to get notified when it happens. I’m also using it to track the project I’m calling “Pre-Launch Beta”, which is my attempt to plan out how to get friends to comment on the site, and separately to market the site.

I use Google Tasks for day to day reminders:

This is the one that is really just a task list, things I want to remember to do, but I don’t have on Trello for one reason or another……It’s the one that when I do something, and check it as done, I fell encouraged to do the next one, and the next one. Today I checked off something like 7 or 8 items.

I’ll have posts on how I use Trello on the site as we move forward, because I think it is a pretty neat tool…..

Looking back, I’d add this on reflection on that day:

Two main things on this. First, it looks like I didn’t take notes for months. I might go back and create new posts, but I doubt it. I also maybe don’t organize my work quite enough yet….

Second, I use Trello and Tasks, but I don’t use Tasks as much as I thought. But, my marketing plan is and tracking of contributors and partners and others are in Trello still. What I need to do is keep my content calendar there, and updated. That would help me stay focused on writing. And, I do use Tasks, but not nearly day to day like I thought I would. I think this is largely due to my working on the house so much, but it’s probably also because I just am not used to to do lists.

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