These are notes I took a couple days after I was laid off. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time.

Mike’s Day 3 Notes:

Apparently we didn’t go hiking!

But, I did golfing during the day, in November. I was clearly distracted the first few holes. It was obvious I was not working, and my brain was telling me I should be working. Eventually, I moved onto worrying about my golf score, and not not working, but I didn’t play well at all.

Neither of us felt like making dinner, so we went out for Indian, but only ate half of our food. I was pretty tired from so much walking the last two days (oddly, I didn’t take notes in the first two days about walking?), and carrying my bag (I pretty much gave up carrying my bag after breaking my leg, but I did this time to save money….like a handful of dollars, and I’m telling people I have plenty?). I finished the night soaking in the tub, can’t recall the last time I took a bath.

Looking back almost a year later, I’d add these thoughts:

You don’t get to golf much in November in MN, so that’s definitely a plus of living in Oregon! Again, my notes were mostly about me, and not others. I wonder why that was? I always think of myself as being good at paying attention to other people, and not being self centered, but my notes on the first three days don’t reflect that. I wonder why that is. The soaking in the bathtub seemed to help relax me, as I recall. But it is something I almost never do.

By now, I was starting to think about working again, but was resisting any overtures to return to my previous employer. Sure, they were mostly good to me financially, but it just wasn’t the culture for me at this point in my journey. The whole thing about saving a buck here and there is an interesting thing to look back on, and to reflect on even now. I make my own coffee at home, even though I love the social aspect of walking to one of the many coffee shops close to our apartment. I eat PB&J a lot more often than I used to. We quit two wine clubs we were members of also, which definitely saved us money.

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