Basic Information for an Effective Resume

In this post, we lay out some basic information to have an effective resume: The steps your resume goes thru at companies; the 3 types of resumes; the sections of a good resume; and dos and don'ts for your resume.

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Manage Your Job Search Like Companies Manage Products

Companies have managed products a certain way for a long time because it works. You should manage your job search like companies manage products.....figure out who you are, what you want to do, and then market yourself accordingly.

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HR Experts Offer Networking Advice

Our panel of HR experts offer networking advice by answering the question: We are often told networking is the key to finding a good job. What is something most people get wrong about networking, that you'd like to help them get right?

Three Ways to Prepare For Your Job Search

Inspired by a recent LinkedIn post, here are three things you can do to prepare for your job search. Take Notes on Stories. Keep Your Network Alive. Have an Up to Date Resume.

The First Week of Being Laid off – The Longer Read

There is a lot to do that week you get laid off, but these four things need to be started.

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