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Mike Sixel is the founder of Laid Off Better Off. Based in Portland, OR, he has first-hand experience in being unexpectedly laid off. He's made it his mission to provide support, resources and advice to others who are out of work.

5 Ways to Do Research In Your Job Search

I use Trello to manage several parts of my business. It's free for very small personal and business uses, and it's easy to use. I used to use spreadsheets to manage this kind of data, but Trello is much better for list and super lite process/project management.

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25 Signs You Should Meditate Starting Now

Meditation is something everyone can do to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. No wonder meditation retreats and meditation meetups are increasing in popularity every day.

Switching Careers with Jamison Liewergen

Jamison Liewergen - On Switching Careers .... My neighbor and I discuss what it's like to get laid off, and how intimidating it is to switch careers. Mostly we talk about how he handles it emotionally, by keeping busy, but not just by looking for work all day.

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Loving Yourself is Vital for Wellbeing and Relationships

Mastering the secrets of Yoga flow lends itself to the vision of a yoga practitioner moving seamlessly between yoga asana with awareness and fluid grace.