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One of the ways we build communities here at Laid Off Better Off is to bring together people with similar experiences and expertise. These people are our contributors and advisors. These councils have agreed to answer questions for Five on Friday, and to provide input and feedback on content throughout the site.

If you’d like to join one, send us an email at info@laidoffbetteroff.com and let us know your story.

Laid Off Advisory Council

This council is made up of people that have been laid off one or more times. This community offers insights about their job search, emotions they’ve experienced, and lots of other stories and advice about what it’s like to be laid off and out of work.

We currently have members from Oregon, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, and New Jersey.

Hiring Manager Advisory Council

This council is made up of people that are, or have been, hiring managers. This community offers the perspective of the other side of the interview table.

We currently have members from Oregon, Minnesota, Montana, Washington state, Iowa, Texas and Canada.

HR/Recruiting Advisory Council

This is a diverse community. Some are currently recruiters at companies, some are/were independent recruiters, and one is at an outplacement company. They offer a lot of expertise when it comes to the hiring process, interviews, resumes…..really, everything about finding work.

We currently have members from Oregon, Minnesota, and Washington state.

Small Business Advisory Council

This is a community of small business owners, mostly soloprenuers. We currently have six, so if you want to help your fellow business owners, ask about joining!

We currently have members from Oregon and Minnesota.

Mitch Griep

Mitch Griep has been a wealth adviser since 2004. He is a team member of The Birch Cove Group, a wealth advisory firm in Minneapolis. Over the past 15 years he has worked with his clients to develop financial strategies to meet their individual goals. He is passionate about spreading financial literacy both through his client relationships as well as connecting with others through educational workshops and through social media content.

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Tom Engel

Tom is the owner and Principal Consultant at Vantage Point Business Solutions. He has over 20 years of customer-facing, professional experience, in the areas of IT, human resources and marketing – with companies as diverse as Sage, Intel and Providence Health & Services.

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Ted Meissner, Mindfulness Coach

Ted Meissner

Ted Meissner has been a meditator since the early 90’s, is a UMass Center for Mindfulness Qualified MBSR Teacher, and is the host of the podcast Present Moment: Mindfulness Practice and Science. He has presented about mindfulness to various groups including the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Harvard Humanist Hub, and Be The Match, the National Marrow Donor program. Ted has been published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, Mindful, and The International Journal of Whole Person Care.

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