How to Advertise With Us

If you are reading this in late 2018 / early 2019, this site is brand new. While I’d love to have partners at this point, I know that isn’t all that likely.

Why You Should Advertise With Us

Our Readers:

Our readers are the people you are looking for. They are out of work, or looking for new work. They are interested in starting their own business, or in getting financial advice. If you are a recruiting agency, placement organization, temp agency, our readers want and need your services. Maybe you are a franchise organization, or financial advice firm. Maybe you run a non-profit that helps out of work people, and want to help more of them. If you provide services to the out of work, or people looking for work, this is a great place to get their attention.

Our Numbers and My Commitment to You:

Well, as I said, this site just launched so I can’t share any useful numbers with you at this point. But, once we have been up and running for some time, we’ll have the analytics to help you understand the opportunity here. A full media guide will be available.

My wife has a small business selling window treatments. We know the value of good advertising, and the waste of bad advertising. Because of this, I am going to limit the number and type of partners we have at a national and local level. It’s not worth it to you if you are a financial adviser, and there are four other advisers advertising here. Our goal here is to find partners that add value to our readers, and that our partners get a great return on their time and money. We’ll only have 4-7 advertisers in any given market (some national ads, some local). In addition to banner ads, we offer the ability to sponsor our monthly email.

If you are interested in finding out more about advertising with us, reach out to me at, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.