This site started because I got laid off.

Originally, it was a personal collection of articles, advice, and links that I saved to help me find work. As I started collecting information, I noticed that I spent a lot of time reading articles about a better life, not just about finding another job. There were articles about saving money, or about being happy in life. There were articles about creativity and minimalism and hobbies I was interested in.

At first, I thought it was just me avoiding looking for work. We have some money saved up, and I was lucky enough to get an ok severance package. We had time for me to be picky about my next job (I know not all of you have the same luck as us). Maybe, I thought, this was just me decompressing from the whole situation.
But as I talked to more people about their experiences, I realized I wasn’t alone. Most of the advice I got from friends that had been through this before was about taking care of myself and my family. Almost none of the advice was about looking for work; it was about mental and physical health (and yes, financial health).

I realized it’s not enough to find another job. Not for me, and probably not for you. It’s really about being happier than we were yesterday, or the day before.
So, Laid Off Better Off isn’t just about finding a job, it’s about finding ways to get through this time (and life, really) and being as happy as we can be while doing so. You’ll have good days, and bad days, on this journey. We’re here to help the good days outnumber the bad. If we help you find a job, and to be happier, well, then we’ve really done something. That we really do something together that makes you happier.

Explore our site. You will find job search advice, information about owning your own company, or consulting. There is information about wellness. And, just as importantly, there are stories and podcasts.