These are notes I took about tough conversations with the team working on the site. I have left them mostly as is, not correcting grammar or spelling, because I think that partially reflects my mood at the time…….This one is about having a marketing plan for a new website, something I continue to fail at for various reasons. Some of those will be in future posts, some not…..

You Need a Marketing Plan For a New Website, but I still don’t have one:

I had planned to start marketing the site in February. Turns out, it’s February, and I have no marketing plan! I have a commitment to “do” something for the site every day, as in, updating the site or posting about the site. So, I added a new post to Mike’s Story. Then….

I spent this morning re-reading some articles on marketing your website and small business. This was a good reminder that I haven’t really done much planning around the marketing. I’m committed to posting on the site every day, linking to the site every day, and learning every day. After reading the articles, I’m committed to reaching out to an influencer or site or potential partner every day.

My steps today:

  • Create Trello lists for (I plan a post on how I’m using Trello soon):
    • Marketing and Launch (this was more an update, than create, but so much changed it might as well have been new)
    • Influencers
    • HR People
    • Laid Off People
    • Partners
  • Update information on the Facebook page that was missing
  • Create a new spreadsheet with information on:
    • Websites to reach out to
    • Inluencers
    • HR partners
    • Laid off partners
    • Small business partners
    • Hiring manager partners

Watched a video on using FB for your business (Julianne logged me into the gotchacovered site, and I also update her business FB page). (I might watch more, after I finish this update……)

Tomorrow I will be updating my plan for social media this month. Not sure what else the overall plan is for tomorrow yet. I will also reach out to someone in MN that could help out, to see if she wants to meet when I’m there next week. I think an in person meeting would help…..

Looking back, I’d add this on reflection on that day:

Le Sigh. Or something like that. Future notes look like I keep typing similar things. Admittedly, the demolition of parts of our new (90 year old) house and subsequent remodeling took a lot of my time in November thru February, but there was time to develop and implement a marketing plan for a new website, I just haven’t, still.

I have the spreadsheets with people and influencers and others. But, man, looking at it now, it’s kind of depressing. A lot of people have said they’d help, and haven’t. It’s not a big deal to not help someone for free, but it’s kind of annoying to have people to commit to helping, and then not actually help. That’s a post for another time, I guess, but part of the reason I haven’t marketed the site like I thought is that I don’t have as much content as I thought I’d have by now.

But if I’m going to make money on this site, I need to start marketing it. When our out of town visitor is gone, I’ll get started on that (just another excuse, I see)…..

One more thing… appears I took no notes in November, December, January. I just wasn’t focused on this like someone trying to make money should be.

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